Black Wire Rope (3/32" 1X19)

$25.80 USD

Keep your effects rigging incognito with ZFX black wire rope.  The black won’t flake off the first time it passes over a pulley, and won’t flake off during handling either.  It stays black longer than any other process for making steel wire rope black. Totally Ninja Quality Stuff. Order quantity is multiplied by 20 for total footage (order quantity 10 will be 200 feet). 


Diameter: 3/32” (2,4mm)

Strand: 1X19 Aircraft Cable          Published Breaking Strength: 1200lb/544kg 

This is a 1X19 strand, which means it is strong and robust, and also has a really high D:d ratio.  Great for hanging light-weight items, but it isn't designed to pass over pulleys.

Nicopress Oval: G Thimble size suggested: our 1/16” thimble (also treated with black oxide, see here) or 1/8” AN thimble (available here)

$1.26/foot, sold in 20' increments

This wire rope is domestic, not imported! Proudly made in the USA