• 220 lb./100 kg. Test Bag
  • 220 lb./100 kg. Test Bag

220 lb./100 kg. Test Bag

Our 100kg (220lb) test bag is ideal to test rigging and use for cue writing. 

 Let’s face it, you test with a sand bag because tests don’t always go right the first time.  If you have done many tests, then you have experienced the canvas bags ripping wide open just by dropping one on the ground after lugging it across the stage.  They fare even worse when roughing in cues for fast landings at the end of pendulum swings.

 Ours have handles and pick points everywhere, so not only are they easy to manhandle but they are easy to hang.  They simulate the same center of gravity as a performer on single wire, two wires, or multi-point pick systems.

 They come in multiple flavors (high visibility colors) so that you don’t lose track of which system you are writing cues for. It makes it easier for the Director to give accurate notes. 

Tech: Which flight looked better track #2, #3,or #5? 

Director: I hated the one with the black bag and I had trouble seeing it.

Tech: But they all have black bags…

 These come in Lemon (fluorescent yellow), Tangerine (fluorescent orange), Lime (fluorescent green), Blue Raspberry (turquoise), Caramel (tan) and also Licorice (black) in case you need a stealth mode version.

* Due to limited availability please let us know in the "notes" section of your order if you will be needing your test bag immediately.  Otherwise please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.