• Imperial ZFX-O Gauge

Imperial ZFX-O Gauge

$45.00 USD

The “ZFX-O Gauge” is a unique No-Go gauge multi-tool for use with Nicopress tools. It is pocket-sized, weighs almost nothing, and is made of stainless steel. It will gauge and size everything involved in swaging eyes in wire rope.

Laser cut to Nicropress go-gauge standards the ZFX go-gauge takes it one step further. This is a must have item if you do Nicopresses swaged fittings. Check every crimp and you’ll sleep better at night. Buy two so you have a back up when someone inevitably doesn’t return the first. Just make sure to use it correctly! 
Although useful for professional riggers, it's very useful for the occasional rigger (technical directors, head carpenters, etc.) who might have trouble picking out the 1/8” Nico-sleeve from the unlabeled buckets in a theater’s rigging closet. It will even gauge wire rope sizes from the random coils left over from your last production (or the production before that!). It has an easy-to-read chart built in so you no longer need to be embarrassed and refer to the Backstage Handbook to remember that Oval M is for compressing 1/8” eyes. Last but not least, it includes a standard No-Go gauge.